Time to put up a quiz...The 2013 Halloween quiz...And the prizes are, 1) For first with all answers, the glorious score for "Bride of Frankenstein" ...(CD from Amazon.com) 2) for the second to answer correctly, a complete story read by the author on CD, your choice of “Groom of Rosenberg”, “Flowers for Sheldon”, “Heliophobia”, “Sunnydalopolis”, or three “Sheldon Swifties” or three “Immortal Beloveds” or three “Orphans Beloved” shorties.


...The first group deals with, "Anne"... 

Who is this "Anne", anyway?

What's her motivation?...

Who'd she slaughter first?... 

What is this thing called Love
Name a tale in William rejects Buffy?...

Name a tale in which Buffy dies for Will? 

The Halloween Tales (Groom, Drusilla, Halloween Carol)

Who assisted Willow in her somewhat messy resurrection of Buffy? (hint-it wasn't Andrew)

What spirits appeared to older Buffy to help out with her emotional troubles in "A Halloween Carol".

What profession is William embarked upon in “Drusilla”, thanks to Cicely's cousin?

Who is Andrew's houseguest in "Daughter of Rosenberg"?

What was Buffy the Rosenberg monster's shrewd career move?

Who are the two secret guiding forces behind the action of "Drusilla"?

Who is risking trouble with Mary Shelley's copywrite in "Groom"? (besides me)

Who was older Buffy's Watcher in "A Halloween Carol"?

In my story Who?...Who is seeking her true identity?

Who is the villain in "Heliophobia"? 

Sheldonverse Tales…

Who is the villain in “Gran Mag”?

Who are the Banes?

What is Penny’s problem leading to Sheldon’s rather unique solution in “Flowers for Sheldon”?

Orphan Black Tales…

Who is getting rather kind treatment from me in most of the tales?

What's your favorite story and why...?

Which did you dislike and why...?

How about your favorite new character?...And why?

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