FredaGay: Art, Music, and Writing
The Freda Gay web site includes pages or sections for each individual medium. There are three mediums, Art, literature, and music. To see what is created on each medium, clique on the name of the particular medium you'd like to see the work in. The art work includes tiles and prints of various tiles you can choose from in the catalogue. The prints are framed and add color, design and mood and will brighten up a stark white room. The prints sell for forty dollars each which include the cost of the frame, as well as shipping costs. I use Fed Ex. The tiles are finished pieces which can be sent as they are, but will have a lovely glossy finish to them. If you like something please send your address so I can know where to send the product.
   The music compositions can be burned onto a disk and sent to you at the same price. The compositions are original works I've composed through improvisation techniques.
  The book, a tree of life can be obtained through the internet at Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.  Future stories and poems are for your enjoyment.
   My husband Robert deserves much thanks and praise for his technical and editorial work,which made this sight possible.
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